By Karla V. Salazar, ScholarMatch’s Executive Director

Dear ScholarMatch community,

Over the past year, ScholarMatch has supported students in many ways, including providing $80,000 in emergency funds to scholars experiencing hardships in their paths to college graduation. We are proud and grateful for the generosity of our donors. Your flexible contributions allowed us to provide much-needed assistance to our students while we keep navigating this ever-evolving educational landscape. …

The ScholarMatch Board of Directors is pleased to announce that after an extensive executive search, Ms. Karla V. Salazar has joined our team as our new Executive Director. Karla is an experienced bilingual leader in the public, nonprofit, and private sectors.

Karla V. Salazar

Her passion and commitment to providing access to quality public education are deeply rooted in her upbringing. Her grandmother was an elementary teacher for 30 years in Nicaragua, and most of her family members are in the education field. Her life mission is to contribute to a more humane world by collaborating with visionary leaders, developing and implementing transformative…

by Diana Adamson

Dear friends,

Ten years ago, ScholarMatch started as an idea from Dave Eggers and a simple crowdfunding website with one goal: Disrupt college access and level the playing field for low-income, first-generation students of color. When I was hired, ScholarMatch was a small, scrappy organization with just two staff members. We were small but mighty, and we had big dreams.

Just one decade later, ScholarMatch has accomplished big results. We have a national reach and developed a program providing seven years of support to students with individualized advising, career services, and targeted financial support all the way…

Dear community,

As we enter year two of this COVID-19 pandemic, we’re dealing with significant challenges that are requiring us to restructure our programs for the 2021–22 school year. When we closed our doors a year ago, quickly pivoting to online support, no one could have anticipated the magnitude of this moment. Through it all, ScholarMatch has continued to support students virtually and provide needed services at a time when the future of education remains uncertain.

As we continue to navigate this pandemic together, we wanted to inform you of some changes to our program for next year, including an…

Dear friends,

We woke up this week to the devastating news that eight people lost their lives in a senseless shooting targeting the Asian American community. This horrific attack follows a series of violent crimes against Asian Americans, fueled by pervasive hateful rhetoric in our country, amplified in recent years. To say that we are heartbroken and condemn acts of white supremacist terrorism is far from enough. Fighting racism, xenophobia, intolerance, and inequalities requires all of us to show up in support of the diverse communities that are part of our country’s fabric. …

Dear community,

Last week’s insurrection at the Capitol in Washington, D.C., was a horrific reminder of how systemic racism and white supremacy have shaped decisions and disproportionately impacted communities of color across our country.

As educators, social justice advocates, and community members, we cannot watch our democracy go under attack and remain silent. It’s our duty to call out the injustices we see in the world and demand accountability from our leaders. Longstanding structures of power continue to enable and protect harmful behaviors, profoundly affecting our communities, the students we serve, and their families. …

Diana Adamson, Executive Director

Dear Students,

As we transition into autumn, our thoughts are with you. To say that starting a school year in the wake of a pandemic is ‘difficult’ is an understatement. Your classes and friendships are likely taking place over screens. You may have stepped in as breadwinner for your family as loved ones lost jobs, or have faced the heartbreak of death or illness among those you care for dearly. And we know that this isn’t all you are holding. You are walking through a world on fire, both physically as we face an unprecedented season of wildfire on the…

Diana Adamson, Executive Director

”Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

- Martin Luther King Jr.

Dear Community,

The recent killing of George Floyd is horrific and tragic. It is a graphic reminder of the ways in which our systems fail and oppress Black people and all people of color.

The incident also comes in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic that has disproportionately affected Black communities and other communities of color and has exacerbated existing inequity. Our students and their families are suffering. And now, with catastrophic economic hardship and little relief in sight, I fear that the already intolerable level of inequality will continue to rise.

We all have a responsibility to turn the tide and reverse it.

We must acknowledge…


This year, 56 ScholarMatch students are graduating from college!

It’s graduation season, and we’re proud to support another cohort of ScholarMatch students become the first in their family to earn a bachelor’s degree. From colleges right here in California (UCLA currently holds the record for most graduates — go Bruins!) to Macalester College in Minnesota, all the way to Hampshire College in Amherst, MA, our graduates are preparing to use their newfound skills and passions to launch into the next phase of their lives.

Meet 9 ScholarMatch graduates below and learn more about their college experiences and what big aspirations they’re reaching for next!

Janice Argueta

Holy Names University, BA Sociology & BA Criminology

What’s one highlight of your college experience?

Throughout my four years at Holy Names University, I was blessed with the opportunity to be a…

Student Voice: Ellen Harutyunyan

Hi Lisa!

Since the large bulk of my college admissions journey is over, I wanted to thank you for all the help you’ve provided me throughout this process. I first signed up to receive a ScholarMatch mentor out of boredom, and didn’t expect much from it. When we were first paired up, I was pretty nervous for our first call and didn’t know how I should act. As the days went on, and you sent me all of the online quizzes and portals to assess which career path and college would be the right fit for me, I began to enjoy the…


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