Announcing ScholarMatch’s new Virtual Drop-In Program!

2 min readAug 31, 2023


By ScholarMatch

As we enter another program year, we’re excited to announce that we’re launching a new Virtual Drop-In pilot program this fall to accommodate high school seniors’ busy schedules. This new virtual, free coaching option, offering a lighter-touch level of college application support, will ensure that we meet students’ needs on their own timelines, allowing students who take care of siblings, work after school, or have long commutes home to also receive crucial college access support.

Every year, we survey our high school students and current college scholars to understand their ever-evolving needs so we can tailor our services accordingly. One recurring theme is the need for ad-hoc support that could fill in the gaps during specific times of the year when the college application process intensifies.

Through our Virtual Drop-In program, college-bound students will receive individualized support based on specific needs that might not require a yearlong relationship with a college coach. This flexibility and commitment to student success shape our program model and drive us to seek innovative solutions to address long-standing barriers to higher education. This approach will also ensure more equitable access to our services.

Our Virtual Drop-In program is a good fit for:

  • Students who need support with the college application process but have limited time for assistance
  • Students who live in the US and attend high schools with limited resources
  • Students who identify as first-generation college students or who are from low-income backgrounds
  • First-generation college students are defined as students who grew up in households without a parent or guardian who completed a four-year college degree
  • Students who are motivated to receive college application support

Virtual sessions will be two hours long and focus on specific high-demand topics, such as building college lists or crafting personal statement essays. Initial sessions will take place this fall, with more planned for early spring. Head over to our website for more information and a full calendar.

Please share this opportunity with high school students in your network who could benefit from college application support, and check out all the other ways that supporters can make a difference in students’ lives by joining ScholarMatch.




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